My E-Book



The 21 Day Empowerment E-Book is not just about weightloss, it is about EMPOWERMENT!

This 21 day program is for you if you are sick of always starving, can’t shift the weight, have no energy and you want sustainable weight loss. It is also if you want to be more conscious with your eating, aware of where your food comes from and not to be part of any of the animal suffering that goes along with a meat, diary and egg diet. You want to find a way out of the ugly, diet world. You want to THRIVE. Well it is here. I have found something that has worked for me and for thousands of other people too, men and women.

This is a lifestyle that cares for your health as well as the health of the planet and the animals too.

Over 30 High carb, Low fat, Vegan recipes! Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner!